COVID-19 Challenges to Keep You Scout Strong!

Thank you to all Pack 145 families for their continued duties to slow and hopefully stop soon the spread of the COVID-19 germ.  By obeying state/local/medical/BSA/church guidelines, we must all work together and be patient during their difficult times with supply shortages, closures, reduced services and even quarantines.  Pack 145 will have to shift its activities to other dates but the lessons of Scouting can be still reinforced everyday! To earn special patches and awards, Cub Scouts are encouraged to participate in some challenges that can be reported via text, photo or video to the Pack Facebook or email. Cub Pack 145 wants you keep your mind, body and spirit engaged during the Covid-19 storm! Follow our challenges, completing them in order, or just the ones you're interested in.

Pack 145 Cub Scouts Challenges

#21 - Make your own Musical Instrument

#20 - Cinco de Mayo & Taco Tuesday Celebration 

#19 - May the Fourth Jedi Name

#18 - Virtual Museum or Aquarium Tours

#17 - Baking Fun

#16 - Happy Earth Day with a celebration of nature used in art.

#15 - National Park Week can be visited and completing an activity on the

#14 - Scout is Kind by painting and placing kindness rocks around your neighborhood.

#13 - Scout Strong to show you community with a sign posted on car or home that  demonstrates To Be Strong.

#12 - Easter Egg Coloring to celebrate the holiday

#11 - Litter Clean-Up in your neighborhood

#10 - Outdoor Scavenger Hunt 

#9 - Scout is Thirfty!  Find and count/group spare change from around your house.

#8 - Cub Scouts are going a Bear Hunt by placing a stuffed bear/animal in a window for other community kids to participate in a scvanger hunt.

#7 - BINGO Cub Scout Version

#6 - Blue Ridge Mountain Council has challenged Scouts to build an outdoor/indoor tent with #CampAtHomeBRMC for a chance of a prize.

#5  - Let's Dance!  It improves the mood!

#4 - Our Professional Health Care Workers deserve our appreciation so signing a BIG Thank You card.

#3-  "A Scout is Kind" enough to help lonely Senior Citizens by crafting cards or writing letters.

#2 - Show "A Scout is Clean" by demonstrating or explaining how you wish your hands.

#1 - The Scout Oath asks that all Scouts to work on being “physically strong”.  Today’s weather calls for sunny and in the 50s!  Let’s hear reports, see a photo or a video of our Cub Scouts being physically active outside today and how you unplugged between Wednesday 03/18 and Thursday 3/19 7:00 PM.

Details of Each Challenge:



Challenge #4 - Write a Thank You card to a Health Care Professional! Drawing inspiration from the Buckeye Council Thank You project, make a card for drop-off at the church.

Joshua Challenge4 health Care Card


Challenge #3 - A Scout is Kind! Social distancing is necessaryto prevent the spread of germs. Scouting is historically noted as being the youth who help seniors cross the street, but let’s do more! We should share kindness to those citizens who are most vulnerable to this COVID-19 – senior citizens. Pack 145 asks that Cub Scouts at least craft 2 cards or write 2 letters to brighten the day for a senior citizen in a nursing/retirement facility.

You can bring those cards to St. Paul UMC on Tuesday between 2:30-4:00 PM or 7:00-8:00 PM for drop off and to earn a patch on the spot .It will be great to see a few Scouts at a time in a very clean environment. Hand sanitizer and tissues will be available!

Pack Challenge 3 Patch honor seniors


Pack 145 Challenge #2 - A Scout is Clean! There is a funny parody about hand washing posted here. 20-Second handwashing songs

It has been recommended to wash all parts of your hands, fingers and wrists for a minimum of 20 seconds to prevent germs from jumping around.
Pack 145 Challenge #2 – Report how you wash your hands via text, photo or video as a comment below Is there a unique way you wash or a special soap used? Cub Scouts are known to get dirty so are there before and after photos? How many times have you washed your hands in one day? There is a special Hand Washing patch for all Cubs who participate before 7PM Saturday. Keep up the great work on battles this COVID-19 and other germs!


Pack 145 Challenge #1 - The Scout Oath asks that all Scouts to work on being “physically strong” . Today's weather calls for sunny and in the 50s! Let’s hear reports, see a photo or a video of our Cub Scouts being physically active outside today and how you unplugged between Wednesday and Thursday 7:00 PM. Post in the comment below to earn a special patch.