Important Dates

  • Plastic Fillm Collection AND  Sneaker Donations continue
  • Adventure Boxes can still be checked out/in
  • Continuation of the God & Me Program
  • December 5th - Bears & Webelos 2s Meet
  • December 10th - Pack Meeting 6:30 PM
  • December 12th - Lions, Tigers, Wolf and Webelos 1s Meet

December Pack Meeting 
Christmas paradeAnnually, Pack 145 Cub Scouts along with Troop 145 Troop Scouts participate in the Christiansburg Town Holiday Parade on Friday, December 10th.  Cub Scouts arrive at the St. Paul Activity Bldg by 6:15 PM then we all walk to the parade start.  At 7 PM, Pack 145 will parade down West Main St. to the Huntington Law Firm to sit down and watch the parade floats.  Afterwards, Pack 145 hosts a Cookie & Hot Chocolate Party!  Each family is asked to bring a batch of nut-free cookies to share and Pack 145 will provide the hot coco. Theme: "Lights & Bells" where all Cubs will be celebrating the "12 Days of Camping (with all the bells, whistles and flashlights!)"  Please wear a backpack and dress like going camping.  If have, bring a walking stick, flashlight, bells to shake or whistles to blow. 

Webelos Special Events
Webelos 2s in  Den #9 will be visiting Troop 145 on Monday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM.  Parents are welcome to attend to learn more about what Boy Scouts have to offer.
All Webelos 1s and 2s have an opportunity to visit and have a sleepover at the Natural History Museum of VA in Martinsville on Friday, February 25th.  Cost = $50.00 with payment and forms required by January 9th.

Den Meetings
To respond to family schedules,  ALL rank (grade level) Dens will meet together on the 2nd Sunday of each month to allow Cub siblings and our wonderful volunteers to meet together on the same day!  (See the Den Meeting schedule tab) Lion and Tigers must have an adult partner attend Den Meetings.  Wolf, Bear and Webelos can be dropped off.  However, a parent must check him/her IN and OUT from the upstairs Activity Bldg for Cub safety. This also allow parents to see sign-up, sign-outs, flyers, collections, etc. to keep communication in good shape.  

*NEW*Uniform Guidelines
To help reduce costs and because of the closing of the Roanoke Scout Store,  Pack 145 has made these changes to help families.

  1. Terminology
    • Class-A shirt = tan/blue official BSA short sleeve shirt
    • Formal  Class-A shirt = BSA shirt plus neckerchief and slide
    • Class B PACK shirt = any t-shirt that states "Pack 145"
    • Formal Class B PACK shirt = t-shirt stating "Pack 145" but tucked into pants with or without neckerchief/slide
    • ANY Class-B shirt = any t-shirt that has a BSA or related Scout activity logo/design/theme.
    • Neckerchief = any triangle scraf that designated to the rank
    • Slide = any metal or homemade ring that holds up the neckerchief
    • Scout Belt = blue belt with any BSA buckle
  2. Blue Class-A shirt for Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts are now optional.
  3. Tan Class-A shirt is required for Webelos 1s and 2s especially in the months before bridging ceremony.
  4. If any Class-A shirt is worn, it must be buttoned up and tucked in.
  5. For Den Meetings, ANY Class-B shirts are preferred to allow for active adventures
  6. For events in public, the Class-B PACK t-shirt is perferred. 
  7. For formal events (working with veterans, patriotic ceremonies, etc.) Cub Scouts should try to wear their rank neckerchief and slide with a FORMAL Class-B PACK shirt OR with a solid blue navy shirt.
  8. Pack 145 will not longer offer Lion Cub Scout t-shirts.
  9. Pack 145 does NOT require offical BSA pants, shorts, socks or hats and optional to Cubs
  10. The Pack 145 Clothing Bank has plenty of Class-B options and neckerchiefs along with few Class-A items, belts, hats and slides. (see below for more information)
  11. Pack 145 will strive to offer craft time for Cubs to create their own slides.
  12. Pack 145 is working to schedule meeting times for Cubs to make their own beltloop award holder and patch displays so they can show off their earnings and pride.

Yard Sale Results
Success!   Profits to be shared between Pack and Troop 145 Scouts - $1935.03. Pop-up Yard Sale added an additional $600.00!

Religious Emblem Program
The National BSA in collaboration with the P.R.A.Y organization offer programs for Cub/Boy Scouts to earn Religious Emblem medals.  Cubs can earn the God & Me and/or the God & Family.  Boy Scouts can pursue God & Church and/or God & Life.  It has been too many years since Pack 145 has been able to offer an in-person program. Because of COVID,  the allowance of remote learning is now possible.  Starting this 01/10/21, there are now 10 tak-home lessons for any Cub wanting to earn the God & Me award. Each lesson must be returned before the next lesson is given.  All lessons are kept together in a folder for review by a counselor from St. Paul UMC and then the Cub earns this prestigious medal.  If this is successful, Pack 145 will offer God and Family.   

Improving Pack 145 Communication
In addition to this website, regular emails and our Facebook Group, Pack 145 will begin using the Remind system to send out quick text message reminders about upcoming Den Meetings, sign-ups and other information.  If a parent has a smartphone,  you download the Remind App or type in a web brower.  If just a plain cellphone, text @ghh4ga9 to 81010.

Pinewood Derby Season 2021 
Pinewood Derby was great fun for Pack 145 Cubs and families! PinewoodDerbyLogoThanks for everyone's patience in adhereing to the strict COVID rules and the new live-streaming efforts.  Here are the Pack 145 winners:

Lion Den 1st - Charles G., 2nd - Simeon G., 3rd - Jack P.
Tiger Den 1st - Breiton H., 2nd - Arcadia P., 3rd - Gavin V.
Wolf Den 1st - Lane H., 2nd - Charles P., 3rd - Robert C.
Bear Den 1st - Henry R, 2nd - Emery W., 3rd - Isaac H.
Webelos 1s - 1st - Lilly W. & Alasidar H., 3rd - Draco C.
Webelos 2s - 1st - Kellen M., 2nd - Christopher M., 3rd -Trenton G.

The 1st Place winners of each Rank met for the Pack Championship.  Congratulations to... 
1st - Tiger Charles G.
2nd - Bear Henry R. and Webelos Lilly W.
3rd-6th - Wolf Lane H., Webelos Kellen M., Webelos Alasidar H. and Tiger Breiton H. 

Adventure Boxes - Earn electives on your own!
With the help of VT Pre-Education Students,  Pack 145 will make available boxes containing lessons, instructions and materials to help each Rank earn Elective Adventures.  Check-out a box at any Pack/Den Meeting, complete the assignments inside, submit proof, earn the beltloop and return the box for resupplying, then check-out another box.  NOVA is available for any ranks. Try to return any box at your next Den/Pack meeting to allow other Cubs a chance to enjoy and earn their electives.

Available Adventure Boxes:

Rank  Elective  Quantity        Rank Elective Quantity
 Webelos  Art Explosion     5 Tiger  Tiger-iffic      1
 Lion I'll Do It Myself    5 Tiger Rolling Tigers      1
 Lion Pick My Path    2 Lions     Gizmos & Gadgets       1
Bear Beat of Drum    3 Lions  Build It Up      1
Wolf Spirt of Water    1      
Wolf Digging into Past     2  Bear       Make It Move      1
Webelos      Moviemaking    2  Bear  Marble Madness      1
Bear Forensics    2  Bear Critter Care      1
Tiger Stories in Shapes       2  Bear Goes Fishing      1
Tiger Family Stories    1  Wolf  Cubs Who Care      1
Webelos Maestro    1  Wolf  Aware & Care      1
Wolf Coins    1  Bear  Roaring Laughter      1
Webelos Sports    2      
Tiger Good Knights    1      

NEW Pack Dues
After much deliberation in accordance with increased BSA fees,  Pack 145 must raise its yearly dues to $120.00.  That is less $10.00 a month for the 2021 12-month recharter year.  For volunteer Leaders, the cost of their Adult fees plus one child will be free. (Please consider becoming a Leader.) Additional children in the same family will receive $10.00 off each subsequent child. (i.e. $110.00 for 2nd, $100.00 for 3rd and so on.)  Dues need to paid by December 1st of the Scout Year.  If there is a financial need for a "campership", do not hestitate to talk to a Pack Leader.


Pack 145 Cub Scouts Challenges - Almost Time to Wrap up This Virtual World - This was featured in the National Scouting Magazine!

#1 - The Scout Oath asks that all Scouts to work on being “physically strong”. Let’s hear reports, see a photo or a video of our Cub Scouts being physically active outside today and how you unplugged.  

#2 - Show "A Scout is Clean" by demonstrating or explaining how you wish your hands.

#3-  "A Scout is Kind" enough to help lonely Senior Citizens by crafting cards or writing letters.

#4 - Our Professional Health Care Workers deserve our appreciation so signing a BIG Thank You card.

#5  - Let's Dance!  It improves the mood!

#6 - Blue Ridge Mountain Council has challenged Scouts to build an outdoor/indoor tent with #CampAtHomeBRMC for a chance of a prize.

#7 - BINGO Cub Scout Version

#8 - Cub Scouts are going a Bear Hunt by placing a stuffed bear/animal in a window for other community kids to participate in a scvanger hunt.

#9 - Scout is Thirfty!  Find and count/group spare change from around your house.

#10 - Outdoor Scavenger Hunt 

#11 - Litter Clean-Up in your neighborhood

#12 - Easter Egg Coloring to celebrate the holiday

#13 - Scout Strong to show you community witha sign posted on car or home that To Be Strong.

#14 - Scout is Kind by painting and placing kindness rocks around your neighborhood.

#15 - National Park Week can be visited and completing an activity on the

#16 - Happy Earth Day with a celebration of nature used in art.

#17 - Baking Fun

#18 - Virtual Museum or Aquarium Tours

#19 - May the Fourth Jedi Name

#20 - Cinco de Mayo & Taco Tuesday Celebration

#21 - Make your own Musical Instrument

#22 - Celebrate Mom with a photo

#23 - Create some Chalk Art

#24 - Help the Birds by constructing a bird house/feeder

#25 - Nature Hunt

#26 - Art Show your talents and creativity

#27 -  Build a rocket to celebrate Sally Ride and America Launch

#28 - Composting Day

#29 - Movie Premiere - recreate your favorite movie moment or character.

#30 - Build a Bug Hotel to welcome our insects to help in nature

#31 - Plant a Garden

#32 - Wheely Fun Summer - put on some wheels and have fun!

#33 - Duct Tape is Scout tool that can repair or craft anything.  Show what you can do!

#34 - He & Me photo to celebrate Father's Day

#35 - Scout Patches Tradition - Show off all the patches you have earned before or during COVID.


DayCamp2020LogoDay Camp Summer 2021?
 Pack Leaders tried very hard to plan and gain permissions to hold this annual week of adventures in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Due to lack of approval and time constraints to revise plans, increase restrictions and to plan,  Pack Leaders are saddened to cancel this event and focus efforts on offering Cub Scout Wednesdays as a mini-Day Camp experience. 


OLegoCubScoutnly way to grow is by "word of mouth"  Tell others parents and kids that Pack 145 is family friendly and then show them the photos of the no-cost, high thrills activities available to Cub Scouts!  See the Join Today webpage link on the left! Please help Pack 145 grow!  Any youth ages 5-10 can join anytime!  Four-year olds can become Lion Cubs in April before Kindergarten.




Den #3 Recycle Projectgotsneakers
Wolf Cubs of Pack 145 has decided to start their own recycle program.  Starting in October, Den #3 will be collecting used still-wearable athletic sneakers and sport cleats from children (not toddler or baby) and adults.  These shoes will be sent to Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ukraine through GotSneakers.  By donating gently worn, used and even new sneakers to the Den #3 collection box, the sneakers will make a difference in people’s lives around the world and here at home.

Den #2 Plastic Film Collectiontrexbox
Two years, the Wolf Cubs of Den #2 started a campaign to rid the environment of plastic litter!  Now, Pack 145 has 2 benches around the campfire pit.  The Webelos of Den #2 will continue their collection in the Activity Building for more benches in/around St. Paul UMC.  Look for the collection box in/near the kitchen area. 


Pack 145 is a wonderful promotion of Cub Scouting skills and values, all made possible by volunteer leaders who are greatly supported by the Pack Committee and the St. Paul UMM, our charter organization. MORE LEADERS ARE GREATLY NEEDED!  The den schedule of 1 time a month for 2 hours is to accommodate busy adult and youth schedules.   Please consider the rewards and beneifts of completing an Adult Application and some minor online training!  Please help Pack 145 comply with  the policy of "2-Deep" Leadership.  Please contact Cubmaster Henry, if any questions.



Scout Clothing Bank 
Pack 145 has a great collection of uniform shirts, patches, neckerchiefs, slides, hats and belts.  These items may have been donated, exhanged for a larger size or purchased new.  Cub parents may pay for new items with a tag or sticker.   Or, a donation of any amount can be provided for any gently used item.  Pack 145 has a generous exchange program where one old rank item can be exchanged for the next rank or smaller size for larger size.  Donation of unused Scout items are always weclomed.  See Uniform Guidelines below for more information.



Scouts and Sports together make a balanced diet of activities! Scouting is flexible enough for a Cub Scout to excel at both, and many Scouts do. Scouting encourages a well-rounded balance of activities, and a Boy Scout doesn’t have to attend every Scouting event.  No one should have to feel that it is "Scouts verus Sports" situation.
Pack 145 supports its Cub Scout players in various sports thoughout the seasons!  As Pack 145 starts a new Scout Year and should a Cub Scout be unavailable for any meeting or other activity,  please stay in communication with Den Leader and Cubmaster so we can all be your "cheering section"  in Sport AND in Scouting!  As always, we look forward to your attendance to any of the Pack planned activities!


National Acceptance of Girls into Cub Scout PacksWelcomeToCubScouts
Pack 145 was approached to be the first unit in Christiansburg to accept girls into the Cub Scouting program.   Our charter organization, St. Paul United Methodist Men have voted to allow this family-oriented option of an integrated Pack with segregated Dens. Pack 145 Leaders/Committee is examining the logistics involved.  For now, Pack 145 is allowing girls with their adult partners to be integrated into Lions and Tiger Cub Scouts.  Then, Wolf, Bears and Webelos will have separate girl dens and boy dens.  All Pack activities will continue to be "ALL-IN" for girls, boys, and family members as we have done for many, many years!   Let's make the most of the Scouting program has to offer!