Important Dates

  • Plastic Fillm Collection AND  Sneaker Donations
  • Sunday, November 24th - PACK Awards Ceremony & Uniform Inspection 4:30 PM
  • Sunday, December 8th - PACK Santa Workshop 2-4 PM - ALL DENS
  • Friday, December 13th - Pack/Troop Holiday Parade 6:15 PM


PACK Awards Ceremony - November 24thuniforminspectionpatch
This is a CHANGE to the Pack Calendar.  Cub Scouts will participate in an Uniform Inspection by Troop 145 Boy Scouts and then celebrate their hard work during an Awards Ceremony.  Please arrive at 4:30 PM at the Activity Bldg.  Families are invited.  Prizes will also be awarded. Should conclude by 6:00 PM.


santaelvesSanta's Workshop - Sunday, December 8th
This has become an annual Pack 145 tradition.  In this 4th year, each rank/den will rotate through the stations to craft holiday items and provide service.  Siblings and friends are welcome to attend this holiday celebration.  Please arrive at the Activity Blding at 2:00 PM and it will be a fun afternoon until 4:00 PM.  *This is a CHANGE to the Pack calendar. 

Holiday Parade - Friday, December 13th
Parade MarchersPack 145 is partnering with Troop 145 to walk in the Christiansburg Town Holiday Parade.  Wear Class-A shirt with weather appropriate clothing.  Meet at the Activity Bldg at 6:15 PM to walk to the parade start.  Theme is "Jolly Christmas" and Pack/Troop 145 will be "Jolly to Provide Service to the Communty" with wheelbarrows, work wagons and yard tools.  After the parade,  Scouts and families will be invited for hot coco and cookies. 

 Time on January 26th pool 

It may be winter outside, but the water in the Blacksburg Aquatic Center will be 84 degrees!  A great Pack 145 family splash time fun in the pool! as our monthly Pack Meeting.  Troop 145 Boy Scouts will help teach a few safe swim skills.  Sign-up required to be certain that there is enough lifeguard coverage.  Pinewood Derby kits will be available for sign-out and purchase.


Blue & Gold  - Sunday, February 23rdpiratecubscout
Happy Birthday BSA!  Cub Scouts will celebrate in a pirate way!  Songs and skits to showcase our Cub Scouts and their adventures.  It won't be walking the plank for Webelos 2s, it will be a bridge from Cubs to Boy Scouts!  Sign-up helps plans for the refreshments.  This event will happen in the main St. Paul church building starting at 7:00 PM.


LegoCubScoutRecruitment Continues!
Only way to grow is by "word of mouth"  Tell others parents and kids that Pack 145 is family friendly and then show them the photos of the no-cost, high thrills activities available to Cub Scouts!  See the Join Today webpage link on the left! Please help Pack 145 grow!  Any youth ages 5-10 can join anytime!  Four-year olds can become Lion Cubs in April before Kindergarten.



Scout Clothing Bank 
Pack 145 has a great collection of uniform shirts, patches, neckerchiefs, slides, hats and belts.  These items may have been donated, exhanged for a larger size or purchased new.  Cub parents may pay for new items with a tag or sticker.   Or, a donation of any amount can be provided for any gently used item.  Pack 145 has a generous exchange program where one old rank item can be exchanged for the next rank or smaller size for larger size.  Donation of unused Scout items are always weclomed.  See Uniform Guidelines below for more information.



DayCampShirtIdea page2Day Camp Summer 2019
FORTKNOT was a BLAST while learning survival challengs, teamwork, crafts, knot-tying, game and field trips.  Check out the Day Camp webpage (on left) for details of how much fun had the week of June 10th!   Also, see the photos on Pack 145 website!



Recruitment All Year Round!

Know a friend or a current K-student who wants to have Cub Scouting fun and adventures this spring and summer?  Now, not just autumn, but ANYTIME is the best time to join Pack 145!  Click on and send the link the "Join Today" to a friend!  Invite him for a visit!  Let's grow Pack 145 because "the more, the merrier"!  


Den #3 Recycle Projectgotsneakers
Wolf Cubs of Pack 145 has decided to start their own recycle program.  Starting in October, Den #3 will be collecting used still-wearable athletic sneakers and sport cleats from children (not toddler or baby) and adults.  These shoes will be sent to Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Ukraine through GotSneakers.  By donating gently worn, used and even new sneakers to the Den #3 collection box, the sneakers will make a difference in people’s lives around the world and here at home.

Den #2 Plastic Film Collection
Two years, the Wolf Cubs of Den #2 started a campaign to rid the environment of plastic litter! trexbox Now, Pack 145 has 2 benches around the campfire pit.  The Webelos of Den #2 will continue their collection in the Activity Building for more benches in/around St. Paul UMC.  Look for the collection box in/near the kitchen area. 




Pack 145 is a wonderful promotion of Cub Scouting skills and values, all made possible by volunteer leaders who are greatly supported by the Pack Committee and the St. Paul UMM, our charter organization. MORE LEADERS ARE GREATLY NEEDED!  The den schedule of 1 time a month for 2 hours is to accommodate busy adult and youth schedules.   Please consider the rewards and beneifts of completing an Adult Application and some minor online training!  Please help Pack 145 comply with  the policy of "2-Deep" Leadership.  Please contact Cubmaster Henry, if any questions.



Lion Cub Scout Program Success at Pack 145 
As a Lion, a kindergartner will make friends, laugh loud, gain confidence, discover nature, and most of all…have fun! He’ll experience the Scouting concepts of character development, leadership, citizenship, and personal fitness through engaging and exciting adventures!! Your kindergartener will have a blast exploring the world around him in ways that fuel his imagination and creativity. Together, you’ll take his first steps down the path to success. Adventure awaits. It has been a success so far.  Please spread the word to help us recruit in April, through the summer and before school starts.

National Acceptance of Girls into Cub Scout PacksWelcomeToCubScouts
Pack 145 was approached to be the first unit in Christiansburg to accept girls into the Cub Scouting program.   Our charter organization, St. Paul United Methodist Men have voted to allow this family-oriented option of an integrated Pack with segregated Dens. Pack 145 Leaders/Committee is examining the logistics involved.  For now, Pack 145 is allowing girls with their adult partners to be integrated into Lions and Tiger Cub Scouts.  Then, Wolf, Bears and Webelos will have separate girl dens and boy dens.  All Pack activities will continue to be "ALL-IN" for girls, boys, and family members as we have done for many, many years!   Let's make the most of the Scouting program has to offer!  

 Uniform Guidelines

  1. For Den Meetings, Cubs can wear Class-B (any Boy Scout themed) t-shirt or the Class-B Pack (has "145" on it) shirt to allow for messy crafts or active play.  
  2. For Pack Meetings and any events with Veterans, Cubs should wear Class-A (blue or tan) uniform with perferably the neckerchief and slide as a FULL uniform.
  3. However, it is OK to wear the uniform shirt without the neckerchief and slide to a Pack Meeting! It is A-OK, if a Cub want to wear their uniform shirt with or without the neckerchief and slide to a Den Meeting. 
  4. NEW this year from National BSA:  Cub Scouts can wear JUST the neckerchief and slide over a solid colored shirt to any Den or Pack meeting.
  5. Lion Cubs will only need to wear the offical Lion Cub t-shirt with or without a Lion neckerchief.
  6. Pack 145 does NOT require offical BSA pants, shorts, socks or hats.  Those are considered optional.
  7. No hurry on purchasing or exchanging any uniform part from the Pack 145 Clothing Bank. If Pack 145 doesn't have your size, a shirt can be ordered from the Scout Store via your Den Leader.
  8. The November Pack Meeting will have a very casual uniform inspection from our Troop 145 Boy Scouts.

 sportsballsScouts and Sports together make a balanced diet of activities! Scouting is flexible enough for a Cub Scout to excel at both, and many Scouts do. Scouting encourages a well-rounded balance of activities, and a Boy Scout doesn’t have to attend every Scouting event.  No one should have to feel that it is "Scouts verus Sports" situation.
Pack 145 supports its Cub Scout players in various sports thoughout the seasons!  As Pack 145 starts a new Scout Year and should a Cub Scout be unavailable for any meeting or other activity,  please stay in communication with Den Leader and Cubmaster so we can all be your "cheering section"  in Sport AND in Scouting!  As always, we look forward to your attendance to any of the Pack planned activities!