Cub Scouts STEAM Ahead!
June 7-11, 2021
Cost $80.00 for daily adventures Science, Technolgy, Engineering, Art and Math!
Let's experiment, visit, craft, learn!



THEME:  Scouts STEAM Ahead

Dates:  June 7-11,2021

Location:  St. Paul UMC & other adventurous places

Cost:  $80.00*
*$10.00 will be deducted when a parent volunteers for any one day. 


Daily Arrival - 8:00 AM  with Flags at 8:15 AM
Pick-up - by 4:00 PM
WITH SIGN-IN & SIGN-OUT every day! 

Stay tuned for what we have planned.....


Den Chief Training 7-8 PM
Set-Up 6-8PM

Christiansburg Fire Department
Fire Science
Armory Playground
Baking Soda Painting
Rainbow Rain
Code Maze

Montgomery Museum of History and Art
Montgomery Gardens

Geocache Hunting
Penny Experiment
Basic Programming Code
Coffee Filter Flowers
Superhero Math
Monster Math

Putt-Putt Golf Geometry
Shadow Lego Art
Marshmallow Towers
Straw Art
Lego Rubberband Cars
Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Egg Drop

Library Visit
Three Little Pigs Home Building Test
Map Training
Ice Escape
Marble Paper
Geometry String

Splash Valley
VA Transportation Museum

Day Camp Blog

Day Five -  The Pack 145 train left right on time will all passengers ready for BIG adventures!  First stop:  Splash Valley for fun swim time!  Lunch was at the Wasnea Park right next to an active railroad track and an old track turned into a walk/bike trail.  Last stop:  VA Museum of Transportation to see cars, boats, plans and trains of all types and sizes!  WHAT A GREAT DAY CAMP WEEK!

Day Four -  The weather was very cooperative and allowed us to play between rain downpour.  We walked to a nearby playground for fun morning time before visiting our local library.  After hearing the story of the "3 Little Pigs", Cubs were challenged to build a better, stronger straw, stick and brick homes. Later, the "big bad wolf" aka a leaf blower tried to blow those houses down without much success.  Great engineering!  The Scienfic Method was used to determine which our superpowers (breath, water, heat, salt or hammer) was best to free a frozen encased victim. 

Day Three - The Pack 145 Train pulled away from the station on the St. Paul UMC bus for for the 1st time in over a year.  Cubs used geometry to play putt-putt at Cox's Driving Range. Cubs were artists with paint and blowing through a straw and then using water to create beautiful craft flowers. Robots were designed, built and waiting for programming. Thanks to Prof. Chris Monceaux for visiting and making Liquid Nitrogen ice cream! Sponges were filled with water for fun battling in the hot afternoon!

Day Two -  Pack 145s train of Day Campers were seen through downtown Christiansburg as they walked to the Montogomery Museum for some time travel looking at really old and awesome historical pieces from around our county.  We toured the gardens, saw artwork, ate lunch under a huge shade tree and found a geocache.   Back at the train station, Cubs had fun with Monster and Superhero Math games.  We took scientific guesses on which method would be best to clean pennies.  Cubs got a good cleaning today while slip-sliding on a soapy tarp and then splashing around in the inflatible water feature.  

Day One - The Pack 145 Train Station was busy with fun today.  Cub Scout Day Campers learned the Science of Fire and then visited the Christiansburg Fire Department to learn the Safety of Fire.  Thank you to LT Yopp for the tour and helpful lessons.   A visit to the Armory Playground was a good time for everyone!  Science of rain clouds with shaving cream and food coloring made for dazzling waters.  Vinegar make our baking soda artwork get all fizzy.  Cub Scouts learned how codes in programming tell us step by step what a robot is supposed to do.  Thanks to the Vellines family for wet cool-down in the inflatable water feature. 


This Day Camps is organized full of creative and educational experiences, using natural surroundings to contribute to the physical, mental and social growth of Pack 145 Cub Scouts!  Planning is still occurring but might include

Where we are going!
VA Transportation Museum
Montgomery Museum
Splash Valley
Cox Putt-Putt
Christiansburg Fire Department


What to bring/wear each day?
1) Your day camp t-shirt labeled with name.
2) Closed-toed shoes with socks.
3) Your bathing suit - go ahead and wear it all day!
5) Water bottle to drink from and refill often.
6) Healthy lunch with fresh fruits, low sugar items, etc. in a cooler or pack that can contain a ice pack
7) A knapsack to carry a towel and other items from station to station then home again.
8) Shady hat and sunglasses
9) Sunscreen applied before camp and a non-aerosol container for re-application often through the day and 20-minutes before swim time.
10) NO electronic devices or any toys;  these need to stay home.
11) Any medications in a plastic bag, original container and with name labeled.
12) DO YOUR BEST ATTITUDE will guarantee fun at every turn!
13) Bus safety is extremely important.
14) Please sign in/out your Cub Scout everyday!
15) Bring a face mask in case needed while riding bus, touring a facility or needing to stay in close proximity while inside.