June 10-14, 2019 SUCCESS!
Cost $70.00 for adventures in wilderness survival!
Let's learn survival, problem-solve
and teamwork skills!
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THEME:  Fortknot

Dates:  June 10-14, 2019

Location:  St. Paul UMC & other adventurous places

Cost:  $70.00*
*$10.00 will be deducted when a parent volunteers for any one day. 


Daily Arrival - 8:00 AM  with Flags at 8:15 AM
Pick-up - by 4:00 PM
WITH SIGN-IN & SIGN-OUT every day! 

Stay tuned for what we have planned.....


Den Chief Training 7-8 PM
Set-Up 6-8PM

Parachute Man
Compass Skills
Survival Bag
Nerf Targets
Potion  #1
Blacksburg Aquatic Center
Hand-in-Hand Park

Map Skills
Duck Tape Craft

Nerf Targets
First Aid Skills
Med Kit
Bandage Game
Potion #2
V-Coin Scanvenger Hunt
Water Play

Stick Houses
Christiansburg Aquatic Center
Hike to Depot Park
Boogie Skills
Boogie Hide & Seek
Potion #3

Dynamite Craft
Knots Lesson
Signal Skills
Water Spray Targets
Capture the Flag
Frog Pond

Claytor Lake State Park
Beach Swim


Day Camp Blog

Day Five -  Last day of Pack 145s Day Camp was grand!  Cub completed their dynamite craft!  Lifejackets were fitted and labeled before loading the bus to travel to Claytor Lake State Park.  We hiked 0.68 miles on the Shady Ridge trail and learned about the ecosystem in the forest and places where a good Fortknot shelter could be made.  We enjoyed a morning snack and playtime on the playground.  Cubs visited the Howe House with its aquarium and nature center while learning about the history of Clatyor Lake.

Lunch was held at a picnic shelter near the Claytor Lake beach.   The beach was not croweded and everyone enjoyed splashing around in the water or digging in the sand for 2 hours.  Park Rangers opened the Discovery Center for us to visit the critters.  Another snack time before the bus was loaded for the trip back to Fortknot HQ.  Wacking of Llama pinata resulted in loads of candy.   The traditional water balloon dowsing commenced.   A GREAT Fortknot Day Camp came to a end!   

Day Four -  Sunny again but clouds and wind made Fortknot a bit chilly for our Pack 156 Day Campers!  Cubs worked as a team to finalize the design of our Fortknot island with their Lego structures and then mapped it all out.  Target practice was challenging with the water shooters.  If  get lost on Fortknot island, not to worry as Day Campers learned signalling skills with the importance of buddies and hugging a tree. Time was spend on making dynamite....the craft and just painting today.  Meanwhile the Den Chiefs learned lashing skills that helped turn the St. Paul lawn into a massive obstacle course with pallet, cardboard and bamboo structures.  Then, the Boy Scouts taught the Cub Scouts how to tie knots and making lashings!

After lunch, Day Campers decided that the Frog Pond would be way too cold and went to Xtreme Springz for an hour of jumping!   After a brief rain shower and a snack under a picnic,  Cubs got to enjoy the Montgomery County Playground. 

Day Three - On another beautiful day, Cub Scouts built Fortknot structures out of popscicle sticks and Legos.  Dance skills were practiced.  A giant hide-and-seek was held among dozens of cardboard boxes decorated by the Day Campers yesterday.  A bus ride over the Christiansburg Aquatic allowed for splashing good time in the pool.  Afterwards, Day Campers hiked to Depot Park with a brief stop at the Christiansburg Skate Park.  Snacks, playtime on the playground and flying frisbees were a delight before lunch.  Cubs made their last potion, a Shield Potion, today.

Day Two -  The sun came out today and the Cub Scout Day Campers enjoyed a lot of fresh air time!   The morning started with Fortnite coloring pages and the Webelos doing a fine job on the flag ceremony to open camp.  Fortknot travelers learned about “birds-eye view” (perspective) of looking at the world and then made their very own map of our Fortknot HQ.  Campers divided into 3 stations – one making a water-jug craft, the second was outside taking aim at ping-pong balls and another station practicing first aid skills.   Pack 145 took a walk past the library and to the Downtown Park to play on the playground.  We all walked back to Fortknot HQ along the Pack 145 Adopted Street to pick up litter.  After lunch, we decorated large boxes, made Potion #2 (slime) and crafted a Med Kit (with first aid supplies).   The boxes were taken outside and later there was a V-coin hunt.   The boxes were then used to make forts.   Mid-afternoon, Campers were sprayed down by hoses and dried off in the warm sun before snack time (Chug Juice, rice krispy treats and apples).  Free time was spent at the playground and/or watching a movie.

Day One -  Cub Scouts of Pack 145 learned the St. Paul UMC Bus was our “entry” to adventures!  Cubs crafted parachutes for the jump into our own designed Fortknot Island!   The Boy Scout Den Chiefs helped Cubs learn how to use compasses and make accurate directions.   Survival bags were sewn and decorated.  Target practice was with Nerf.   Cubs made their first potion.  We played Four Corners.  And, everyone was hungry for lunch.

We drove to the Blacksburg Aquatic Center for swim time.  Just as we were about to visit the Hand-in-Hand park, the rain showers forced use back to the Fortknot HQ for a delicious snack of bananas, pringle chips and slurp juice.


This Day Camps is organized full of creative and educational experiences, using natural surroundings to contribute to the physical, mental and social growth of Pack 145 Cub Scouts!  Planning is still occurring but might include

Where we are going!
Blacksburg Aquatic Center
Claytor Lake State Park
Frog Pond
Christiansburg Aquatic Center
and more!


What to bring/wear each day?
1) Your day camp t-shirt labeled with name.
2) Closed-toed shoes with socks.
3) Your bathing suit - go ahead and wear it all day!
5) Water bottle to drink from and refill often.
6) Healthy lunch with fresh fruits, low sugar items, etc. in a cooler or pack that can contain a ice pack
7) A knapsack to carry a towel and other items from station to station then home again.
8) Shady hat and sunglasses
9) Sunscreen applied before camp and a non-aerosol container for re-application often through the day and 20-minutes before swim time.
10) NO electronic devices or any toys;  these need to stay home.
11) Any medications in a plastic bag, original container and with name labeled.
12) DO YOUR BEST ATTITUDE will guarantee fun at every turn!
13) Bus safety is extremely important.
14) Please sign in/out your Cub Scout everyday.
15) NEW - If Cub is a weak/non-swimmer, please bring a lifejacket to wear on pool visits. ALL Cub Campers will need to bring a PFD on Friday.  Contact the Camp Director if a lifejacket is needed.

Popscicle Houses
Fortnite Dynamite
Shield Potion
Med Kit
Duct Tape
Parachute Man
Survival Bag

Obstacle Course
Boogie Hide & Seek
Four Corners
V-Coin Scavenger Hunt
Bandage Game
Island Flip
Teamwork Rafting
Capture the Flag