Yard Sale: Spring Fundraiser

Our 16th Annual Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, April 2, 2024.  Cub Scouts from Pack 145 and Boy Scouts from Troop 145 along with leader and families worked together to earn  money to cover expenses for graduation and summer activities.  

Please sign up!  ALL proceeds from the yard sale will support the programs of Pack 145 Cub Scouts and Troop 145 Boy Scouts.  Donors will receive a receipt for their tax-deductible contribution...maybe you've got a neighbor who'd like to clear out their garage, too! Bring it on!   

Location: the St Paul UMC Activity Building (where we have Pack 145 meets). 
Drop Off:  FRIDAY, April _____  3-8 PM
Yard Sale: SATURDAY, April ______ , 7 AM - NOON (with clean up until 1:00 PM) 

This fundraiser has a profit share for deposits into Cubs' and Scouts' Accounts.

  • 2 points to each Cub/Scout if family donates items to sell 
  • 1 point for each hour for a  minimum of 2 hours.
    • While Cubs are cute, they are too young to actually assist with the sales and can often play too much or spend all their profit share buying items, so it must be an Adult Partner who workson his behalf during this sale.
    • Boy Scouts can sign up along with family members.
    • Example for Cub Scout:  Bobby Cub's mother works 4 hours then Bobby receives 4 points.
    • Example for Boy Scout:  John Scout plus his mother works 4 hours, thus earning 8 points
    • Example for both:  Micheal Scout plus his father, on behalf of Cub Scout Jimmy, works for 2 hours, there will be 2 points for Micheal and 2 points for Jimmy.
    • The Boy Scouting program expenses are much greater than the Cub Scouts.
    • Money in Scout Accounts may be used in the following ways
      • Pay for dues
      • Pay for new uniform shirt or part
      • Pay for camp or Scout-related activity fee
      • Money over $40.00 will accompany a Pack 145 Webelos to Troop 145 Scouts by the June of their bridged year.
      • No cashout is allowed.
      • If a Cub/Scout quits Scouting, the money becomes the Pack/Troop general funds.
      • Scout Account money can be shared among Cub/Scout siblings.

Please to print or forward any advertisement  about this fundraiser emailed to you to help bring shoppers in and help us raise money for the Cub Scout program!  Contact a Pack Leader for updated flyers and to ask any questions.Yard Sale Results  for 2023 were outstanding!   Profits to be shared between Pack and Troop 145 Scouts.