Webelos can look forward to new adventure and a more Boy Scout format of den meetings! 

  • Each den will have "patrols" with their own selected name, patch, and cheer!
  • Each Webelos will have a chance to be a "denner" i.e. patrol leader for one meeting!
  • Work more with Boy Scout Troop 145
  • Den Chiefs from Troop 145 will also will share Boy Scouting skills to Webelos along with encouragement to continue their Scouting journey!
  • To begin that transition,  all Webelos are allowed to begin wearing the brown Class-A uniform  


Den4 Patch



Location: St. Paul UMC Acitivity Bldg 
Den Day:   2nd Sunday
Times: 4-6
Leaders: Lisa Bass
Contact:  540-320-1591

 Den3 Patch

 - Graduating February 2023

Location: St. Paul UMC Acitivity Bldg 
Den Day:   2nd Sunday
Times:   3-5
Leaders:  Tabitha Rust & Gary Deeble



These Webelos 1s meet for 2hours to work towards the Webelos badge and/or Arrow of Light.  Current 5th graders will bridge to Boys Scouts in Febuary 2021 while the 4th graders will continue their journey to experience what Boy Scouts can offer them.   Click below to follow your progress!

NEW Webelos Requirements

NEW Arrow Of Light Requirements

 Den Leader Guide -  https://pigeonpost.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Webelos-Leader-Guide.pdf