Be ready for 2023 Summer!  
Cub Scouts explored flight and space through engaginge activities, crafts and field trips June 6-10th!
Cost was $80.00 for daily adventures in space
Check out Pack 145 Facebook Page for the space logs and photos!

THEME:  3-2-1 Blast Off

Dates:  June 6-10,2022

Location:  St. Paul UMC & other adventurous places

Cost:  $80.00*
*$10.00 will be deducted when a parent volunteers for any one day. 


Daily Arrival - 8:00 AM  with Flags at 8:15 AM
Pick-up - by 4:00 PM
WITH SIGN-IN & SIGN-OUT every day! 

Stay tuned for what we have planned.....

Christiansburg Aquatic Center
Going to the moon!
Start of Astranaut training!

Blacksburg Aquatic Center
Study the sun and the planets!

Taking flight!

Into the stars and beyond!

James Webb Day at 
Radford Universtiy
Randolph Waterpark



This Day Camps is organized full of creative and educational experiences, using natural surroundings to contribute to the physical, mental and social growth of Pack 145 Cub Scouts!  Planning is still occurring but might include

Where we are going!
Radford University
Randolphb Waterpark
Christiansburg Aquatic Center
Blacksburg Aquatic Center
Bissett Park


What to bring/wear each day?
1) Your day camp t-shirt labeled with name.
2) Closed-toed shoes with socks.
3) Your bathing suit - go ahead and wear it all day!
5) Water bottle to drink from and refill often.
6) Healthy lunch with fresh fruits, low sugar items, etc. in a cooler or pack that can contain a ice pack
7) A knapsack to carry a towel and other items from station to station then home again.
8) Shady hat and sunglasses
9) Sunscreen applied before camp and a non-aerosol container for re-application often through the day and 20-minutes before swim time.
10) NO electronic devices or any toys;  these need to stay home.
11) Any medications in a plastic bag, original container and with name labeled.
12) DO YOUR BEST ATTITUDE will guarantee fun at every turn!
13) Bus safety is extremely important.
14) Please sign in/out your Cub Scout everyday!
15) Bring a face mask in case needed while riding bus, touring a facility or needing to stay in close proximity while inside.